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Explore trading CFDs on indices like US500, UK100, and more, using MT4 on any device you prefer. Trade US30 with leverage up to 1:200 and low spreads.

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What are indices?
Indices measure the price performance of a group of shares from an exchange. Indices trading is a popular strategy for many traders and investors seeking exposure to an entire market or sector.

What are indices?

Why Trade Leveraged Products on Indices?

Trading leveraged products on indices can provide traders with increased exposure to the markets, diversification, lower transaction costs, and flexibility. However, it's important to note that leveraged trading involves higher risks, so it's important for traders to have a solid understanding of the markets and to carefully manage their risk.

What Are The Different Types of Indices

Indices are widely traded because they are powerful global and country-specific economic health indicators. We will see below some of the biggest global, regional, and national indices to trade:

  • Global
    Global indices relay companies regardless of which stock exchange they are listed on and based.
  • Regional
    Regional indices include companies from specific regions.
  • National
    Typically, national indices are used to reflect investor sentiment on the health of the economy inside a given country by analysing the performance of the stock market.